A mid 19th century specimen marble whatnot

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A mid 19th century specimen marble whatnot


A mid 19th century rosewood whatnot of two tiers with barley twist supports the top inset with specimen marble in a chess board design.

  • The base: Italian, circa 1840
  • Marble: late XVIII century, Roman.
  • The two borders: Verde Antico and Belgian black marble
  • White marble: Luni marble

The Granito della Colonna di Nostro Signore and Granito di Santa Prassede (n. 11 - 27, the slight difference between the two is in the geological texture) is the same marble as that of the column which, as legend has it, Jesus Christ was flagellated on prior to his Via Crucis. Santa Prassede basilica, in Rome, houses a segment of the column upon which Jesus was tortured before his crucifixion in Jerusalem. The relic is alleged to have been retrieved in the early 4th century by Saint Helena (mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine I) who at the age of eighty undertook a pilgrimage to Golgotha in the Holy Land to found churches for Christian worship and to collect relics associated with the crucifixion of Jesus in Calvary.

  • Height: 31 in; 79 cm
  • Width: 17 in; 45 cm
  • Depth: 17 in; 45 cm
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Looking from top left to right and downwards.

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  • Granito di Genova Eufodite
  • Marmo Tigrato di Corinto
  • Granito di S. Prassede, Vadi Barut, Egypt
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  • Serpentino Porfido Verde di Grecia, Krokeai Grecia
  • Pietra Nefritica or dei Martiri
  • Granito a Piccoli Elementi, Bigio Egitto
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  • Granito della Colonna di Nostro Signore, Umm Segilat Deserto Orientale Egypt
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  • Malachite
  • Granito Verde
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  • Porfido Nero Serpentino
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  • Verde di Tarquinia Chiaro
  • Rosso Duro D’Egitto
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Nero di Aquitania France
  • Granito a piccoli elementi Bigio e Nero
  • Porfido Rosso
  • Granito di Santa Prassede, Vadi Barut, Egypt
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